John the Gun is a rock band formed in Nutley NJ in 2013. With a permanent lineup now comprised of long-time friends John Cusumano (guitar/vocals), Corrado Rizzi (drums), Dan Jernick (bass, backup vocals), and Tim Covey (vocals, rhythm guitar), the group grew in fits and starts throughout their first year together.

Then, after some tweaks to their lineup and multiple name changes, the band had a bit of a rebirth when they began writing their first record as a three-piece in 2014.  “Tread Eternal” was released on July 31 of 2015, and encapsulates everything that is JtG.  As Rich Quinlan of writes, “Skilled musicians will identify the sophistication of the playing and appreciate the wealth of talent, but those of us without a shred of ability will also be able to allow the force of “Sticky Ninjas” or “Renaissance” to wash over us... The band sounds much larger than a trio and the ten songs on Tread Eternal feature a broad range of emotions and lyrical cleverness... Erudite, well produced, and intriguing, John the Gun is a band bringing elevated skill to the often- uniform world of indie rock.”

In late 2016, the band acquired second singer and rhythm guitarist Tim Covey.  The four young musicians are steadily making a name for themselves in the local scene. JtG is a juggernaut of pop and prog, simultaneously aggressive and delicately nuanced. Theirs is a live show you truly won’t want to miss.